An efficiency-based understanding of the profession

In order to respond to the special requests of its privileged clients, IGI MFO has created its own Champagne tasting kit, a set of six bottles of different vintages, allowing during exceptional moments, to appreciate the flavours of each of them. Thus, the discerning connoisseur will be able to preserve both the finesse of a bubble and the delicate taste of a grape for future professional, family, friendly or even romantic events.

To ensure that Champagne, a luxury product, remains a pleasure without limits, IGI MFO has surrounded itself with traditional, professional and passionate people for decades, being able to guarantee a respectful, unique and authentic know-how.

Our champagne is made in the heart of the Côte des Blancs aera, surrounded by grapevine hillsides, far from the urban life. The grapes ripen in silence, in a small village. Men follow the peaceful rhythm of the seasons and take the time to give to the land the attention it deserves.

IGI MFO, concerned about the image of its clients in terms of communication, offers on request to personalize the label of the bottles either with their company logo or an artistic photo for a special professional event or for a birthday or wedding ... or simply an idea for a gift.

IGI MFO, knowing how to combine business with pleasure, is able to meet the highest expectations within exceptional deadlines in Europe and around the world.

Pleasure does not wait !