Multi Family Office



An efficiency-based understanding of the profession

IGI MFO supports families and private investors in structuring their wealth strategy, and provides them with a range of integrated and outsourced services covering all the fields of intervention necessary to enhance the value of their assets.

This multiple expertise is exercised through 5 areas:

- Wealth engineering,

- Engineering and financial expertise,

- Private family services,

- Real estate investment consulting

- Art consulting.

IGI MFO has an extensive network of partners and experts in finance and law.

Financial Investment Advisor (CIF) and Insurance Broker (COA) operating in the Freedom to Provide Services (FPS) in the European Union and internationally, IGI MFO works independently with a wide range of custodians, insurers and management companies.

Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds: families, entrepreneurs, companies, looking for long-term advice, whether or not they reside in the European Union.