I.G.I. is specialized in dispute management and can advise you on how to proceed. I.G.I. assists its customers well in advance with the establishment of a pre-trial strategy or in the implementation of a defence policy, as well as indicating what steps to take when a situation becomes critical.


I.G.I. handles legal questions in a confidential way in order to provide a precise and response, making the law accessible to its clients all the while informing them about such diverse legal domains as: commercial companies, business capital, trade law, residence tax, property tax.


I.G.I. is specialized in international law. We accompany european and international companies in their cross-border activities. Regarding international disputes, we manage commercial disputes, mediation and arbitration. We also help companies to develop on the international stage and to take advantage of opportunities which may arise abroad.


  • Continual update of EU regulations and laws

  • Economic and strategic monitoring

  • Follow-up of EU aid programmes

  • Follow-up of Calls for Proposals and Tenders

  • Search for funding:

    • investment

    • export

    • structural development

  • Preparation of applications for community financing

  • Representation and defence of our clients economic and legal interests among international Institutions


  • Permanent update of French, Italian and European policy directions

  • Analysis of EU proposal and policy documents

  • Country strategy comparisons

  • Studies on the impact of European Commission projects on a given sector


  • International business environment analysis and information

  • Media-aided promotion of your organization

  • Search for business partners (industrial, financial, commercial)

  • Setting up of consortiums

  • Creation of joint-ventures.


  • Institutional public relations

  • Corporate public relations

  • Event-related communication


  • Preparation of business plan

  • Search for partners

  • Assistance with agreement processing

  • Negotiating terms and conditions of the equity participation

  • Monitoring the agreement

  • Overseeing agreement conclusion


I.G.I. is specialized in real estate law and luxury real estate investment, secure investment:

  • Exclusive Properties

  • Buildings

  • New Developments

  • Renovation - Interior Design

  • Hotels

  • Life annuity

  • Financing Investing

  • Art Advisory

  • Paris, Monaco, London, Moscow, Geneva, Andorra, and other places on request.

VIP Partners Services

  • Organization of stay

    • Hotel

    • Apartment

    • Villa

  • Organization of private party

  • Bodyguard service

  • Limousine hire (with chauffeur)

  • Helicopter hire

  • Yacht hire

  • Jet hire

  • Reservation:

    • Tennis tournament of Monte Carlo

    • Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco

    • Theatre

    • Restaurant

    • Nightclub

  • Translation and interpreting.